Airco Huren 9000 btu (90m3) 60 Maanden | €32,50

250,00 incl. btw

Split-Unit air conditioning system model Inverto – Comfort class inverter air conditioner specially designed for connoisseurs of designer design and energy-saving technologies. The design of the indoor unit  allows you to install the air conditioner in the living room or bedroom without affecting the interior. Inverto is an affordable air conditioner with variable capacity, the best step towards the inverter technology of split-unit air conditioning systems.

The standard installation costs €250, read more about this here standard installation or custom installation< /span>. You pay this amount in advance. If you place an order with us, we will contact you within 5 working days to discuss the installation options.

The lease contract commences on the day the air conditioning is installed at your home, and you will then receive a contract by email.

Artikelnummer: LS-HE09KLA2B / LU-HE09KLA2B Categorie:
Merkland Europe
Recommended room area, m3 90
Inverter technology Yes
Energy class cooling/heating A/++
Minimum noise level, dB 20
Cooling capacity, kW 2.63
Heating power, kW 2.93
Power consumption during cooling, W 750
Energy consumption for heating, W 770
manufacturer Midea
Maximum noise level, dB 39
Maximum air flow, m3 hours 416
Width of the indoor unit, mm 722
The height of the indoor unit, mm 290
Depth of the indoor unit, mm 187
Indoor unit weight, kg 7.3
Width of the outdoor unit, mm 720
Height of the outdoor unit, mm 495
The depth of the outdoor unit, mm 270
Outdoor unit weight, kg 26.6
Maximum pipe length, m 25
Maximum height difference between blocks, m 10
Diameter of a liquid pipe, inches 1/4
The diameter of the gas tube, inches 3/8
Power supply, V, f, Hz 220, 1 phase, 50
Number of fan speeds 4
Remote control there is
colour white
Compressor model GMCC
Operating temperature range for cooling from -15 to +50
Range of working temperature for heating from -15 to +30
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